The Ultimate Guide to Using Bluente: The World's First Business Language Learning App

Bluente is the world's first business language learning app, seeking to bridge communication gaps between professionals across geographical borders.

Every year, more than $65 billion of international trade opportunity is lost due to language deficiency. According to the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, UK's language skills deficit could be costing the country up to £48 billion each year.

Language learning for professionals has remained a gap in the market, with language learning apps catered to learning a new language for daily communications or travels, and less so on business communication.

On the contrary, business communication often involves technical, industry-specific terms. Bluente offers over 150 courses across industries such as Banking & Finance, Legal, Healthcare and General Business, and each one aims to teach commonly-used and important industry terms. Right now, we offer languages such as Business English, Business Chinese, and Business Indonesian, with many more to come!

At Bluente, we believe that learning a new business language should be made simple and effective. In this post, we'll show you how to start learning on Bluente, and how to make the most of the app.

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Getting Started on Bluente

Our Linear Learning Pathway

Our Learning Features

1. Getting Started on Bluente

Get started with the app by first creating an account.

Create an account with Bluente
Creating an account

Upon successfully creating an account, select the course categories that you are interested in:

Select categories you are interested in on the app
Pick a category

Select the topics under the categories you've previously chosen that you are interested in:

Choose topics that you are interested in
Select topics

Based on your above preferences, our AI algorithm will recommend 5 to 7 courses for you. Pick one and get started!

5-7 recommended courses for you to pick
Recommended courses

2. Our linear learning pathway

Our linear learning pathway

Our linear learning model is crafted for professionals who want to fit bite-sized learning into their day to day. Learn Business English, Business Chinese, or Business Bahasa in your pockets of time.

Level 1 - Mastering Key Terms

Lessons in Level 1 will revolve around familiarising with terms within the course. Terms are shown on flashcards. Tap on the listen button to learn the pronunciation of the term!

Learn terms with flashcards

In addition, you can learn the definitions of the term, and example sentences and conversations.

Learn with definitions and examples

Level 2 - Practicing in Context

Lessons in Level 2 will test reading, listening and comprehension of the terms. Apply terms you have learnt in Level 1 here!

Practice questions for Level 2
Practice questions in Level 2

Tip: You can refer to the flashcards easily on the top right corner of the screen during the practices to have a quick refresher of the terms.

Practice your understanding of terms with our practice questions

Level 3 - Practicing in Context (Level Up)

Lessons in Level 3 will also have questions testing the user's listening, reading and understanding of the terms. The questions are more advanced than that in Level 2.

Practice questions from Level 3
Practice questions from Level 3

As you level up, challenge yourself with more difficult practice questions. Apply your learnings to calls, meetings and presentations after each lesson.

3. Our Learning Features

(a) Glossary

Your go-to source for more than 36,000 verified business terms across industries, in English, Chinese and Indonesian.

Simply search the term you are looking up in the search bar, to see the suggested relevant terms to your search. Click on the words to look at its definitions, listen to how they are pronounced, and go to the course that the term is being taught in if you'd like.

Our glossary
Bluente's glossary

Fret no more when you can't find the term you need in presentations and conversations with our handy glossary!

(b) Word List

Our word list feature helps users to curate terms they need based on topics or use cases. This helps our users organise their learning, as well as their day-to-day work. Find out more how we ideated this feature here.

Our featured word lists

Our featured word lists consist of pre-existing word lists that are curated based on topics. These topics simply corresponds to the courses that you have learnt in our app. We currently have a total of 150+ lists available in our app.

Our featured word lists
Featured word lists

Upon tapping on each of the featured word lists, you can choose to "Review List", which allows you to take a quick look at the terms in this particular list. You can also tap on “Follow List”, which will add the word list to your saved word lists.

Review or follow our word lists
Review or follow lists

Your own word lists

Our word list feature also allows you to create your own word lists by clicking on the "Create new lists" button. You can create new lists for various use cases, such as for your meetings, upcoming client presentations, or upcoming pitch.

Creating your own word lists
Creating a new word list

After clicking on "Create new lists", you can name the word list however you want based on your use cases, or learning progress.

Name your word lists
Naming your word list

After creating the word list, you can tap on the “Save” button in the glossary or course flashcards to save the terms to the word list you have created.

Saving terms into your word lists
Saving words to your word lists

Sharing your word lists

Lastly, you can share our featured word lists by clicking on the share button at the top right corner of the word list page.

Sharing our word lists

(c) Business Culture Articles

At Bluente, we believe learning a language is not enough for business. When learning a business language, you should always complement it with learning about your clients' culture. Therefore, we have a series of culture articles in-app, ranging from business etiquette, to other cultural facts.

These articles are currently only available for English to Chinese learning only.

Culture articles on the app

You can check out some of our culture articles here:

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Chinese Business Etiquette: Navigating Cultural Customs When Dining

The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea Etiquette

How To Welcome Chinese Guests

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