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Wealth Manager, JP Morgan

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Offer language courses that boost employee soft skills

Learn 2000+ industry terms verified by professionals
Test your language skills before going to market and speaking to your clients
Practice from a suite of 2000+ questions per course, curated by language experts

Understand your financial and client documents effectively

Highly accurate: Leverages proprietary AI technology
Secure environment:  Rest assured that Bluente users state-of-art security systems
Save time: Get your translations immediately, in the format
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Quickly learn financial-related terms in another language

Comprehensive coverage: An extensive range of terms and definitions in the finance industry
Up-to-date terminology: A current and relevant content library you can count on. Use up-to-date industry lingo and keep ahead.
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Monitor your ROI to maximize your learning investments

Cohort management:  Set cohorts for different departments of your organization
Data-driven insights: Identify areas for improvement in real-time and select targetted action quickly with customised reporting

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65% completion rate, 10x higher than our closest competitors

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