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Get your documents translated in minutes.

Blu Translate combines the best of machine translation with Bluente’s proprietary content layer and AI to deliver contextual relevance and accuracy.

Blu Translate supports 100+ languages and 22 file types including docx, xlsx, pptx, txt, pdf.


Contextually sensible results you can rely on


Get your results in its original file format in minutes

Multi Language and
Document types

Supports 100+ languages and
22 files types


Gold standard security and data protection

Get your
translations in minutes

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Select the
language direction
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a document
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See what sets Bluente apart

Deepen your comprehension of key industry terms from your key documents

Precise format retention for documents

Translate documents without losing your formatting. Charts, tables, legal numbering — Blu Translate keeps everything intact, ensuring that professionals get accurate translations with original layout preserved.

Industry-Specific Translation Accuracy

Get translations fine-tuned for precision across legal, banking & professional sectors.

Blu Translate is trained on our proprietary glossary of 40,000+ industry-verified terms and extensive document for accuracy that professionals trust.

Quick, precise and secure translations

Translate entire files

Save time by switching up the language of your documents while retaining the same formatting

Highly accurate translations

Terms are verified by professionals native in the language

Gold standard Security

Enjoy world-class security standards and auto deletion of files upon completion

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