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What is Bluente?

Bluente is the world's first language learning app for professional development. Content is deliver in bite-sized courses to maximise comprehension, retention and applicability. All you need is 11 mins a day!

How do you know the content is credible?

Bluente content is curated, researched and vetted by a panel of linguists and industry experts. A rigorous and dynamic content creation process ensures accuracy and relevance to daily work.

How much does Bluente cost?

Bluente is free to download for access to 5 courses. Access to unlimited content starts at US$20.99 per user per month. See pricing plans here.

How proficient can I get with Bluente?

Bluente's courses are designed to allow you to remember key industry terms. Whether you have a basic understanding of Chinese, or are a proficient speaker - vocabulary based learning helps you understand your customers and express yourself better.