Translate your ID documents and passport with our OCR feature!

We are excited to announce our newest release on Blu Translate - our OCR translation feature.

This feature allows users to scan their ID documents or passports, and get the fields extracted and translated. Here's how to use it:

Step 1 - Upload ID image

Upload the image of the ID that you need the text extraction for.

Upload an ID image for text extraction
Upload an ID image for text extraction

Step 2 - Extract Data

Click on "Extract data from image" to extract fields from the ID.

Extract text fields from ID document
Extract text fields from ID document

Step 3 - Get your texts

Review the extracted texts, and export the fields to csv.

Extracted text fields
Extracted text fields

Step 4 - Translate your extracted texts

Once obtaining the extracted texts, you can translate them by clicking on the translate button in the top right hand corner.

Translate extracted text
Translate extracted text


1. How did this feature come about?

A few users requested for the translation feature to extend to immigration documents. An example of a use case included a client who’s an immigration officer, who is tasked with processing a high volume of ID documents, and he often found himself spending a lot of time manually inputting client details into the system. This not only led to inefficiencies but also increased the risk of errors.

Recognizing this challenge, our team developed a solution that leverages OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to automatically extract text from ID documents.

2. What does this OCR feature do?

This OCR feature matches fields and values, presenting them in a table format for easy reference. Additionally, users have the ability to view and edit the extracted information side by side, ensuring accuracy before copying and pasting it into their system.

3. Can I scan other images and documents through this OCR?

Yes, you can! But give us some time as we build more functionalities within the tool. Soon, you'll be able to scan your receipts, your documents, images and have them translated.

Try it out here.

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