7 Chinese Terms You Need to Know for Valuation

Do you analyse the value of assets, businesses, equity and more in your career? Are you able to hold meetings in effective business chinese with your clients? Take this short quiz and let us know how you fare!

1. 股权价值 gǔ quán jià zhí

Answer: Equity Value

2. 债务成本 zhài wù chéng běn

Answer: Cost of Debt

3. 风险溢价 fēng xiǎn yì jià

Answer:  Risk Premium

4. 标准化收益 biāo zhǔn huà shōu yì

Answer: Normalised Earnings

5. 净现值 jìng xiàn zhí

Answer: Net Present Value

6. 终值 zhōng zhí

Answer: Terminal Value

7. 买入估值 mǎi rù gū zhí

Answer: Entry Valuation

Test how many you got correct and calculate your scores below:

0-1 = You Need Help

2-3 = Concerning

4-5 = You can probably get your point across

6-7 = You got this. Go kill your next client meeting!

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