7 Project Management Terms You Need to Know in Chinese

Do you handle a lot of projects at your job? To manage your projects effectively and hit the KPI’s you’re aiming for, effective communication between your colleagues and higher up is crucial to getting things done swiftly and effectively. test yourself with this short quiz to see if you’re able to handle your team in a multilingual high functioning environment, and tell us how you fare!

1. 关联性 guān lián xìng

Answer: Dependency

2. 项目章程 xiàng mù zhāng chéng

Answer: Project Charter

3. 可交付成果 kě jiāo fù chéng guǒ

Answer: Deliverables

4. 时差 shí chà

Answer: Float/Buffer

5. 估算 gū suàn

Answer: Estimating

6. 指标 zhǐ biāo

Answer: Metrics

7. 关键绩效指标 guān jiàn jī xiào zhǐ biāo

Answer: Key Performance Indicator

Test how many you got correct and calculate your scores below:

0-1 = Oh no, looks like your project’s in a mess

2-3 = Concerning, but hey if you can get the bare minimum across..right?

4-5 = You can probably get your point across

6-7 = You got this. Hit those targets!

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