7 Key Social Media Terms in Chinese

Social Media is very evidently a part of most people’s lives, and we use it almost, if not on a daily basis. As a mandarin speaker, have you ever wondered what the various social media terms are in chinese? What if someone engages you in casual conversation about everyday social media topics but in chinese?

Test yourself in this short quiz below to see how much of a social media expert you really are!

1. 评论 píng lùn

Answer: Comment

2. 关系 guān xi

Answer: Connections

3. 动态时报 dòng tài shí bào

Answer: Timeline

4. 限时动态 xiàn shí dòng tài

Answer: Story

5. 转发 zhuǎn fā

Answer: Retweet

6. Twitter

Answer: 推特 tuī tè

7. Pinterest

Answer: 缤趣 bīn qù

Test how many you got correct and calculate your scores below:

0-1 = You Need Help

2-3 = Concerning, but ok

4-5 = Nearly there!

6-7 = Social Media Expert

Most Mandarin Chinese speakers in Singapore get 4 out of 7 of these questions correct. If you got below 5, or would like to improve your mandarin Chinese overall, do download Bluente and go onto our Digital Marketing course to improve on your Chinese!

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