A Brief Introduction to Our Medical Courses

Our Medical courses comprehensively cover the healthcare industry at the moment. These courses are available in Business English, Business Chinese & Business Indonesian (subject to availability). We have also introduced Cantonese and Hokkien versions to aid healthcare professionals in communicating with their patients.

Find out more about what each course covers in detail below!

Medical courses
Medical Courses

1. Healthcare

Learn terms relating to simple body parts, patient care, medical conditions and more in this topic.

(a) Body Parts

Course Description: These terms describe various parts of the human body.

Key Terms: Heart, Bones, Muscles

(b) External Body Parts

Course Description: Terms that describe various external parts of the human body.

Key Terms: Mouth, Tongue, Teeth

(c) Daily Care

Course Description: Terms covering aspects of daily care in the healthcare context, including meals, hygiene practices and daily routines.

Key Terms: Air Conditioner, Shower, Brushing Teeth

(d) Checking a Patient

Course Description: Terms related to the healthcare professionals, diagnostic tools involved in checking a patient, vital signs assessment, and medical procedures.

Key Terms: Temperature, Medical Records, Blood Glucose Level

(e) Medical Conditions

Course Description: Terms encompassing a range of health conditions and symptoms as well as common ailments.

Key Terms: Allergy, Infection, Diabetes

(f) Medical Equipment & Devices

Course Description: Terms encompassing various healthcare equipment and devices essential for patient care and support in a healthcare setting.

Key Terms: Wheelchair, Bed Rails, Oxygen Mask

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