5 Tips for Getting Ahead at Work

When working at any job, you will need a mixture of technical skills and transferable - also known as soft skills to excel in your career. Technical skills are something you learn in school, or pick up at your job — such as presentations, report compilation or social media marketing. Transferable skills on the other hand are harder to pick up & are acquired over time.

Here are 5 skills you should learn in 2022 to give you a boost in your career.

1. Digital Literacy

In today’s world, not knowing how to work your way round with technology is a no go. Workflows and customer outreach now primarily rely on digital skills, be it using a productivity tool that helps with team collaboration, presentation skills to help you get a point or pitch across, or design tools that help build beautiful interfaces, social media posts & posters for your brand. Try and pick up some of these tools as proficiency in them can be valuable asset to your company.

2. Public Speaking

Confidence, eloquency & the ability to move a crowd isn’t something everyone can do. Building up your self confidence and speaking up in front of a crowd more can help build that confidence and allow you to take on larger leadership roles where you’ll need to communicate more with others in the workplace. Having public speaking skills allow you to be more confident and get your point across effectively to your colleagues.

3. Bilingualism

Did you know that 1 in 3 corporate sales valued up to $1M are lost annually due to language inefficienies? That’s a lot of money to lose over language barriers. Natively fluent bilingualism is a skill that is in demand in any industry. Most people have had education in a second language, but it certainly does not mean that everyone can effectively use their language skills to communicate effectively in the workplace.

If you’d like to know what are some of the best languages you should learn for your career, check out our blogpost here, 5 languages you should learn for your career.

4. Data Analysis

Data analysis skills refer to the ability to look at data or information and extract actionable insights that help you determine the next step in your business strategy. You definitely don’t want to be running around doing things blindly, so it’s best to understand the data you’re collecting that’s relevant to your business.

5. Self-Management

The working norm is slowly shifting towards remote work, and it’s more likely that you may find yourself in partial or fully remote jobs. Without constant monitoring & support from your colleagues, it’s up to you to be disciplined and make the most out of your working hours, despite the countless distractions around you. Being able to manage your time and projects on your own without the need for constant support is an asset that is becoming more and more important fit helping companies to survive. Try using productivity tools to organise your daily work & project timelines.

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The self-promotion aside, be sure to work on these soft skills — or other soft skills out there that you think would be useful for your career. Unlike technical skills which may only be needed in certain industries and jobs depending on what they are, these transferable ones are applicable in every industry and every job.

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