5 Reasons to Pick Up Another Language

How many languages can you speak? Are you fluent in all of these languages? Do you use these languages with friends, or even at work?

In today's world, businesses are becoming increasingly globalised, and we need to make cross border transactions and partnerships. Business trips are the norm, and there are many times where we have to meet people of different backgrounds and culture to conduct business meetings and close deals. Even if you aren't the one going on business trips and closing cross border deals, knowing only one language can prove fatal - to both your career and when it comes to forming new relationships with others. In this article, we will be telling you why it's important to pick another language up in today's context.

1. Pick up a new Skill


The ability to pick up new skills in general is important in today's context, as it gives you adaptability and helps you to achieve your goals, gives confidence, and gives you motivation for working too. Soft skills such as languages help you out in both your career and personal life, and overall makes you a more interesting person to be around.

2. Boosts your appeal in the job market


Knowing another language can increase your competitive edge over others in the job market, especially now when everyone's struggling to find a job. Bilingual professionals are able to communicate seamlessly with customers in overseas markets, and sell to people who speak that language back at home.

Also, with Artifical Intelligence and Robots increasingly taking over people's jobs, we'd say it's better to always have something unique up your sleeve, and the ability to communicate effectively is something that robots can't replace.

More than half of the world is bilingual, so chances are, you probably are too. However, you may not necessarily be business fluent. Holding casual conversation with friends in another language is certainly useful, but not everyone can use their second or third language in a business context. Use Bluente, the world's first business language app, to reach business Chinese fluency.

3. Better Travel experiences


Whether its a business trip or just a casual holiday with family and friends, knowing the language of that country and certainly be a big help when it comes to navigating your way round or making friends with the locals. It'll also be easier for you to study or work abroad.

4. Advance your career

Knowing a second or third language can be a competitive edge over others in your workplace, and you can help out with growing your company's overseas presence. Bilingual professionals also tend to be given bigger responsibilities relating to their company's growth, and are paid higher. Do you really not want fast career progression?

If you're looking to improve your language skills in a workplace setting, but do not have the time to attend business language classes, we recommend Bluente to help bring you a step closer to your career goals.

Bluente is the world's first language learning application for professionals seeking to improve their business language skills, and you can take courses like reading financial statements in Mandarin, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuation and Numbers. The best part? You can pick all these skills up anytime, anywhere on your phone, and only pay $20/month for full access to all the courses!

5. Make friends!

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When you learn a language, you aren't just learning how to communicate in a different language, but also learn more about the culture and behaviors of the people of that language. Better understanding of other cultures help you forge deeper connections with people of that culture. Also, it's always good to make new friends.

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