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What languages can I learn?

Courses and instructions are currently in English.

Bluente is currently tailored for Chinese language learners looking to improve business and professional communication skills.

This means you will be exposed to words, phrases and examples in Chinese for your daily work. We will be expanding the range of languages in the future.

Do I need internet to use Bluente?


If you are using Bluente, you will need to be connected to the internet. This is to ensure that we generate good quality exercises based on your current learning level and are able to analyze your speech capabilities appropriately.

If you have a weak internet connection, you may experience some delays with the loading of the courses or speech recognition due to syncing issues.

Do check your connection speed if you encounter loading issues.

How do I navigate Bluente?

Bluente has 4 major screens in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

The home screen is the first page you will see when entering the app. If you are logging on for the first time: Bluente recommends you a course to start with based on our syllabus. If you have already opened a course, the home screen shows your current course and recommends other related courses that might interest you. You can also add courses to your favourites by tapping the heart beside the course.

You may access our extensive library of courses. Courses are available in specific topics across various industries.

This displays your current course and shows your progress across each of the modules. You can learn key industry terms from this page, practice reading, listening and speech and also do interactive case studies from this page.If you are a premium user - you can also view your word competency from this area. This is an assessment of how well you recognize each word in the course.

User Profile
Here you will see individualized assessment of your competency based on the exercises you have attempted as well as learning suggestions to improve your skills.

What do I get when I subscribe?

Bluente comes with 5 free courses for you to start learning right away!
These are complete courses that allow you to better understand the pedagogy and learn useful skills.

When you subscribe to Bluente Pro, you unlock:

1. Unlimited access - Engage in all courses
2. Understanding your word skills in each module - know the terms you still need more practice for
3. User assessment - Understand which areas you need to improve in and what you can do to improve
4. Tests - Get a certificate to indicate your proficiency through tests (Coming soon)
5. Access to special webinars and tutorials - (Coming soon)

Click here for our pricing plans

How do I track my progress?

We have a clear interface to help you understand how much you have learned and where you can improve.

Course progress
At the top of each course, you will see the progress you have made. This is represented in a percentage of the course completion. There is also information about your progress in the current module. To complete each course - you need to complete the full syllabus (learn words, practice, case studies, role play).

Learning efficiency
To unlock in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses as well as phrase-specific understanding, you will need a paid subscription.
Phrase-specific analysis and progress can be accessed through the ‘performance’ button in each course screen. This will give you an overview of the key terms you have encountered and your progress in each word.
We also conduct user specific analysis on your learning when you subscribe. This can be accessed by clicking the profile icon on the bottom right of the screen.

What happens when I have completed a course
After completing a course: the does not mean that your learning ends. You can always return to the course and our learning algorithm will provide questions for improvement and revision.

How do I redeem promo codes?

To redeem promo codes it depends if you are using Apple or Google.

To redeem a promo code in Google Play Store

In app:
1. After pressing subscribe, tap on the payment method
2. Under "Add a payment method to your Google Account" ,
3. Enter the promo code
4. Tap "Redeem Code"

On Playstore:
1. Tap your profile
2. Tap "Offers and Notifications"
3. Tap "Redeem Promo Code"
4. Enter the promo code
5. Tap "Redeem Code"

To redeem an offer code in Apple App Store
1. After you enter the Apple App Store
2. Tap on your profile at the top right hand corner
3. Tap " Redeem Gift Card or Code"
4. Tap "you can also enter your code manually"
5. Enter the code provided
6. Tap "Redeem Offer"

Refund Policy

Bluente does not refund after you are subscribed.

If you don't want to renew your subscription with us, make sure you cancel your subscription as soon as possible before the date of its renewal.

How do I subscribe?

Subscription is available via the User profile in our app.

You can select multiple choices of plans. When you purchase a new subscription package, it will start from the end of your current contracted period.

How do I view subscription details?

Your subscription status will be available within the app. You may find details from:
(1) User profile or for more details
(2) Settings > subscription details

Alternatively, you may find it from your mobile device

1. On your iOS device, go to phone Settings > iTunes & App Store
2. Click Apple ID at top of screen
3. Click View Apple ID
4. Click Subscriptions
5. Click ‘Bluente’
6. View subscription status

1. On your Android phone or tablet, open your device's Settings app > Google > Manage your Google Account.
2. At the top, tap Payments & subscriptions.
3. Tap ‘Manage subscriptions’

Important: You won't find any purchases, subscriptions, or reservations listed in your Google Account if:
1. You’re under 13 (or the applicable age in your country)
2. Your parent or guardian created your account using Family Link

How is my payment deducted?

Payment is currently connected to your Google Playstore and Apple Pay accounts.
This is deducted after you have approved the payment for subscription.
Payment deduction depends on your subscription plan.

There is no refund of payments as per the Terms and Conditions.