20 Day Biz Fluent Challenge 2023

In today’s interconnected world, the importance of being bilingual has never been more important. However, is being bilingual enough? Do we need to take a step further to become business bilingual instead?

Becoming business bilingual, or, business fluent, means you are able to communicate effectively in more than one language in a business environment. 

This delivers numerous benefits both in your personal and professional life. 

  1. Improved communication and deeper connections: If you are able to speak multiple languages, you will be able to communicate and connect more effectively with clients and colleagues who do not speak your native language. Deeper connections beget better relationships and business outcomes.

  1. Better career opportunities: Being business bilingual will make you a more attractive candidate for job opportunities, especially with organisations that operate globally. Being able to communicate in multiple languages makes working clients or colleagues from different countries easier.

  2. Greater cultural awareness and understanding: Learning another language can also broaden your understanding and appreciation for different cultures. This can be especially valuable in a business context, where an understanding of cultural nuances can make or hinder successful relationships with clients or colleagues.

  3. Improved problem-solving and decision-making skills: Research suggests that being bilingual or multilingual can have cognitive benefits, including improved problem-solving and decision-making skills. These skills can be valuable in a business setting, where the ability to think critically and make sound decisions is important.

Bluente invites you to take the 20-day Business Fluent Challenge #BizFluentChallenge 

Level up your Business Mandarin in 20 Days with Bluente’s 2023 challenge! 

Accompanying you on this journey, is a detailed daily learning guide specially curated for professionals in the Legal, Banking & Finance and General Business. 

At the end of 20 days, you will discover new vocabulary and have more confidence articulating professionally in Business Mandarin. 

The 20-Day Business Fluent challenge starts on 13 February 2023 and ends on 4 March 2023.

Take the Challenge, sign up today via this link http://bit.ly/407PdHh You will then receive a confirmation email with the details of the challenge. 

On completion of the challenge, all winners will receive 6 months free Bluente Pro subscription (worth US$125.94), “I am Business Fluent” badge to celebrate your win on social media and improved Business Mandarin proficiency! 

Should you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to the Bluente team at support@bluente.com

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