Top 3 Major Industries in China 2023

China has many prominent industries, spanning from production to services. Among them, the manufacturing, service, and agriculture sectors are the biggest ones. Understanding China’s major industries is key to understanding the economy of this giant.


China is the world’s biggest manufacturer, earning itself the title ‘the world factory’. China made up approximately 28.7% of the world’s manufacturing output in 2019. In 2021, there are an estimated 441.5 thousand industrial enterprises in China, generating a staggering $4,865.83B for the country.


The service industry contributes 55% of China’s GDP and 48% of its employment. China’s service sector comprises a number of industries, including warehousing and transport services; information services; securities and other investment services; professional services; waste management; health care and social assistance; and arts, entertainment, and recreation. The huge mass base of China is a steady backbone of the sector as the industry will never run out of customers.


With its astounding 9.597 million km² landmass and taking 2nd place in the world in terms of territory, it is no surprise China’s agriculture sector is a vibrant landscape. China’s main crops encompass wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, kaoliang, millet, rice, and much more. If China is to be described with one industry, that industry will likely be agriculture. China’s history of cultivating rice dates back to 1000 years ago, and the tradition of growing crops has stayed ever since. Agriculture is a part of the Chinese culture. In 2022 alone, China exported agriculture products worth approximately 98.3 billion USD to the world.

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