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What is Bluente?

Effective communication has become the centerpiece of an increasingly globalized world. Companies have a wide global presence and a diversity of staff who speak and communicate in various languages. This means that being fluent in a single language at high proficiency is no longer sufficient.

Being able to understand and express yourself in business-level communication is now critical to career success.

Bluente is a business language learning application for individuals who wish to improve their business language skills to help them in their professional development. We are currently focused on creating English courses that teach business-level Chinese and will be expanding our offering to include other language pairs in the future.

Business-level Language

As the world has become more interconnected, more than 60% of companies require their executives to be proficient in another non-native language.

Bluente was developed because we recognize that many people wish to improve their business communication skills but have insufficient solutions to do so. Offline language classes are expensive and group classes require a group to gather on fixed schedules to operate. These courses can also be very expensive and users are unable to carve time out of their schedule to do so.

Beyond Basics : Never too Hard

Bluente focuses on teaching advanced level language for business.

When you go into our practice exercises, you encounter questions of increasing difficulty. We also scale these language skills accordingly and with constant practice - most of our users experience significant improvements in their understanding of advanced level terms. Practices and Case Studies give you advanced level skills and are designed to be challenging and teach both language skills and industry specific concepts.

Can I use Bluente without knowing any Chinese

Yes. We have crafted the basic Learn Words module to allow anyone to retain and remember how to pronounce words and recognize them in sentences. This is a great aid to users who rely on key words to communicate or understand the gist of documents.

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