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How effective is Bluente?

Bluente users report significantly higher word retention rate when using our app compared to offline training channels.

How we measure effectiveness

Word retention rate is important to us: it shows how you are able to retain words from the courses you have practiced on.
We test this word retention rate in a separate quiz that focuses on determning word identification and understanding.

Why we can acheive this

Bluente’s efficacy can be attributed to our curriculum which has been curated by industry professionals and created by language experts.

This is further enhanced by our data-backed pedagogy. We provide individualized learning journeys for every user.  We do so by constantly tracking your competency to optimize your learning. Every time you start a practice exercise: we generate questions tailored to your current progress and word retention rate.

If you are a Bluente Pro member, your word progress screen and user profile gives you an overview of your strengths, weaknesses and how you can improve.

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