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How do I navigate Bluente?

Bluente has 4 major screens in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.


The home screen is the first page you will see when entering the app. If you are logging on for the first time: Bluente recommends you a course to start with based on our syllabus. If you have already opened a course, the home screen shows your current course and recommends other related courses that might interest you. You can also add courses to your favourites by tapping the heart beside the course.


You may access our extensive library of courses. Courses are available in specific topics across various industries.


This displays your current course and shows your progress across each of the modules. You can learn key industry terms from this page, practice reading, listening and speech and also do interactive case studies from this page.

If you are a premium user - you can also view your word competency from this area. This is an assessment of how well you recognize each word in the course.

User Profile

Here you will see individualized assessment of your competency based on the exercises you have attempted as well as learning suggestions to improve your skills.

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