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Bluente helps teams communicate effectively and
build deeper connections
Bluente provides bite sized language courses that help professionals master key business terms quickly so as to communicate and connect meaningfully.

Courses include M&A, Valuation, Wealth Management, Intellectual Property, Financial Statement, Cryptocurrency, Real Estate etc. In the coming months, Arbitration, Debt & Capital Markets, Conveyancing, Wills & Probate will be added to the library.

Enterprise customers get access to a host of 'Teams' benefits including a performance console to track and optimise  learning outcomes for teams, custom courses and first dips for all new Bluente features, amongst many more.
Business Language Learning for Enterprises
Explore how our learning solution is the best fit for your organization.
Say Yes! to Global Opportunities
Did you know more than US$65 billion in trade is lost due to deficient language skills?

With international business being the driver for growth, empower your people and embrace global work!

Bluente's corporate plans ensure every member of your team is a confident and effective communicator.

Our pedagogy proved 5x more effective than offline classes, with more than 200 hours of content ready to be accessed at your fingertips.
Get Additional Features
On top of our wide range of professional language learning courses: we provide additional features exclusive to corporate customers including:

Word Glossary - refer to the terms you require before your meeting quickly and accurately. Avoid the stress and panic of searching long excel files and inaccurate translation tools.

Customized Introduction - Get vetted company introductions that allow your team to introduce themselves accurately and with confidence.

More tools are due to be added in early 2023!
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