We provide professionals relevant communication skills for their work.
We are building the future of learning.
We are excited to build a team which is focused on ensuring good quality business language education is available to everyone. Whether you're in finance, law, technology, sales, marketing, project management or just a curious learner - we want Bluente to make a difference and open opportunities for you!
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What we stand for
Our values are our north star, they guide what we do and how we shape Bluente to provide impact for our learners and customers.
Customer First
We pay attention to our competitors but we obsess over our customers. Be relentless in delivering our promises to earn their trust.
Think Big
Bluente will change the way people learn! We want to become a global company and you to share our ambition.
Initiative & Innovation
Aim to move first and have a bias to take action quickly.
Supportive Team
We display positivity and support each other in our endeavors.
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Results Driven
The right way is what gets the job done well! Focus on results & outcomes, not activities and processes. This means we do not value face-time but prize effectiveness
Learn Fast, Fail Fast
Experiment. Try new things. Find ways to test it without burning a hole in the pocket - create simple and easy-to-test hypothesis.
Our goal is to provide high quality courses to allow anyone to be proficient at business communication.
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Be Business Fluent.
We help professionals articulate effectively with industry relevant content and experiential learning techniques.
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